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What we do

Mindfire’s mission is to connect entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and other professionals across all industries. By creating a platform for the entire startup scene of Copenhagen, we provide the unique space for receiving quality feedback on start-up problems, ideas, and business models as well as a space to connect to people from other industries, find potential team members, co-founders, and friends.

Why we do it

We believe that there is a huge potential in connecting people from different industries. The start-up scene in Copenhagen has a lot to offer: not only in the fast-growing tech-segment, but also in other fields like the creative industries, sharing economy, and urban planning. We want to become the melting pot for all those industries. By creating these synergies and facilitating feedback on ideas and business models, as well as finding solutions to unique start-up problems, we enable everyone to unfold their true potential.


How we do it

We organise events that involve problem-pitching, inspiring discussions, matchmaking, and guest speakers from various backgrounds.
Our events are divided into two different tracks. Check out which one fits your needs:

Mindfire – Scouts

what is it.
Mindfire Scouts starts out with a pitching session, where people can share their ideas and the challenges they are faced with hindering them to turn it into a viable business. After that the floor is open for feedback from the community which is aimed at solving the pitched problems. During the last part of the event there will be enough time for you to network with the other firestarters and make some useful connections for your entrepreneurial future.
  • opening talk
  • idea pitching & problem description
  • feedback session & finding solutions
  • networking session & matchmaking
who is it for.
Mindfire Scouts is open for anyone with new business ideas or people who want to get inspired and engaged in an entrepreneurial community. We invite everyone to join these events and experience Copenhagen’s startup-scene themselves.

Mindfire – Hunters

what is it.
Mindfire Hunters events circle around a specific theme each time. The events start out with inspiring talks from guest speakers from the respective field. After that we continue with the pitching-session in which start-ups from the industry present not only their business model but much rather their problems, followed by a feedback session from the audience. We finish off with a networking session in which we facilitate matchmaking as well as feedback.
  • inspiring guestspeaker
  • business model pitching + problem description
  • feedback session and finding solutions
  • networking session and matchmaking
who is it for.
Mindfire Hunters is targeted at companies and at start-ups with a proof of concept who want to grow their business model further. The events are also for other professionals who are interested in the corresponding industry and want to get engaged in the community.


Next event

Mindfire Scouts | March 3rd, 2016
Our Scouts event focus on ideas and start-ups in their early-stages, regardless of which background. Many Scouts pitchers are looking for co-founders, team members, or simply some advice and feedback on their ideas. This time the event will be hosted at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. We can’t wait to see you there!
Find tickets and more information about the event here

Past events

Mindfire Hunters – Social Entrepreneurship | February 15, 2016
An evening full of social businesses, social impact, and making a real difference. Our fantastic guestspeaker Veronica D’Souza (COO of Rokoko, Co-founder of Ruby Cup) delivered an energized and insightful keynote on social entrepreneurship and insights from the social businesses she works with. The pitching session offered a stage for four different start-ups working with social or environmental challenges. A great networking session afterwards enabled participants to connect with each other in the awesome co-working space Skrå who generously opened their space for us.
Check out the pictures here or a beautiful video summary of the evening here.
Mindfire Hunters – Shareconomy | January 19, 2016
The first Hunters event was dedicated to the topic Sharing Economy and was held at the cosy The Rabbit Hole in Frederiksberg. As a guestspeaker Valerio Sandrini shared his insights and experiences from founding the successful business MinBilDinBil. He was followed by four pitchers who pitched their current challenges and obstacles they wanted to receive feedback on. The evening was filled with lively discussions thanks to our diverse audience that included entrepreneurs from various fields, VCs, web developers, designers, and much more.
Want to get a feeling of what the evening looked like? Here you go!


Kick-Off Event | October 8th, 2015
On October 8th we hosted our kick-off event to start a season
filled with inspiring pitches, valuable feedback-sessions and
successful matchmaking for Copenhageners entrepreneurs.
Check out the video we made about it:







For other past events you can check our meetup group!




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This is the team responsible for organising the Mindfire community and delivering events that help you to pitch, connect, and grow.

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